It’s about peaceful time!

Open spaced, sun shining just right and a moment to reflect. I’m slowly becoming more and more obsessed with wanting to take photo shoots in an open field. I’m slowly letting out my fantasy of working in open spaces and getting creative around it, I also like when you can just have limited equipment and work with what you have around and just get yourself ready knowing that there isn’t need to set up much. I usually have random shoots like this just to play around with different areas and if it looks good to work with why not. I’ve always mentioned that I enjoy taking trips away to find my equilibrium, I think it’s healthy and soul fulfilling to just get out and do something new and random. You might even rediscover something different about you or even about what you stand for. Taking a random trip may even help you get creative and gather ideas on a new project you’ve set your mind on or even help you just have a brand new outlook on life, who knows.

Get out to an open field and have an open mind to reflect, rediscover and be at peace!






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Walkerville, Johannesburg 2017

Shot by Luyolo Fihla