Physically here but mentally…



I have my head in the clouds. Just those few minutes to yourself (I cannot explain how important this is to me) just anything that keeps my mind off things for just a little while. Once I get to think about things differently, see differently and even look into some decisions I’ve made and just rethink everything whether it being something with regards to my career path, personal life and even the minor things. I just need the benefit of the doubt and have conversations with myself. I have a handful of hobbies and activities I do to keep my mind off things like writing, sketching, taking walks, meditating, baking and even dancing (yes, I dance). I recently just started taking an interest in makeup and actually find it very therapautic. Physically here but mentally prospering in every aspect of my life. Happy 2019!!

Dress: Cotton On

Bag: Cotton On

Shoes: MrPrice