Yet another trip around the sun

The yearn to write a birthday post (even though it was a week ago) and all I could think about was Taylor Swift ’22’. I recall feeling lost and uncomfortable in my life at some point. I couldn’t face my insecurities, fears, worries and feelings. It got so bad that I began living for other people and focused on pleasing them instead of myself at some point I forgot me. Celebrating 22 means so much to me because as fresh as the year may seem and as young as 22 may sound I’ve been living for me. At 22 I chose me and by doing so I have evolved into someone I could have not imagined at a younger age. To the good Lord who has kept me going this far in such a crazy world and to me the girl who has her head in the clouds. You’re powerful and radiate a glow like no other.

To the flower that blooms all year, the next trip around the sun is all you honey!