Winter skincare tips

I know it’s not exactly winter just yet and autumn just kicked in but I wanted to share some of the ways in which I take care of my skin in the cold season. Also, it’s better to prep the skin beforehand so you don’t have to deal with winter skin problems and you can tackle them before they attack.

1. Drink lots of water

No matter the season, your body requires enough water to be balanced regardless of your skin type the benefits of water are endless and essential and can do most things products off the shelves can’t do. So up your water intake.

2. Load with antioxidants

Protects skin cells from radical damage and keeps skin looking youthful and radiant during the cold season. Try and consume a lot more fruits and vegetables during the winter season. Also, don’t forget your omega 3 fats, they contribute too.


Try and mix your daily moisturiser with something a lot more oil based. This way, it stimulates the glow more and keeps your skin away from all the dryness caused by the cold weather.

4. Is soap a thing?

Not for winter. If you use a certain type of soap to wash your face try and avoid frequent usage in the winter months. Usually soap leaves skin feeling dry, rough and sometimes even itchy. If you’re looking to avoid dryness and possibly breakouts switch your soap (especially chemical filled ones) with a facial wash that’s a lot more comforting and less harmless to the skin. I personally do have dry to combination skin and using soap is a big no regardless of the season, I feel like my skin just gets a lot more dry than what it already is and it feels really rough and uncomfortable and I think for the winter months that’s very unpleasant. So try and switch up your facial products so that your skin can balance its appearance as well as texture.