DIY recipes that actually work!

1. Puffy eyes

In times of major fatigue I find that placing green tea bags/rooibos tea bags for a few minutes under my eyes reduce the puffiness and soothes my under eyes. For me I get build up under my eyes whether I’m tired or not (its just a thing) so this has really helped soothe it from constantly happening.

2. Smooth lips and dry skin

COCONUT OIL!! If there’s one you word I’ve said a million times in my lifetime it would have to be coconut oil. Besides using it for almost everything I usually add petroleum jelly and put the mixture in a small container and use it as a lip balm. For a full body mix I add Sunscreen and this keeps my skin moisturised for the day. I’ve also mentioned before that I have dry skin so the oils from these products work well together and hey! I walk around glowing for the Gods.

3. Revitalized nails

My nails used to be extremely fragile and would split aost constantly and with research I tried out so many products but they never really worked. I than did research on natural ways to repair nails and the answer? Olive oil. I find that soaking my nails in warm olive oil works really good and I’ve seen the difference in both appearance and strength. Also, my nails grow within a week and haven’t been splitting like before so it’s a good home remedy to try out.