Developing your signature style

Style plays an important role in your daily life because its the overall you, all pretty and dressed up. Once you’re aware of what you like in both your personal style and fashion you’re able to tackle most because of your confidence build-up and it will surely be evident thanks to your complete look.

These are all things I personally took into consideration when developing my signature style and hopefully it may assist you too.

1. Your body type
What I’ve noticed a lot is how some people walk around wearing whatever not really taking into consideration whether it fits their body type or not. Don’t forcefully convince yourself that it looks okay when it’s quite evident that it doesn’t. Some styles and fashion items look better for your particular shape than others.

2. Find inspiration
Celebrities, bloggers, magazines, television and social media (it’s honestly all around you) try to find common denominations that speak to your style and what you’re currently hyped about.

3. Keep your occupation in mind
No matter what you currently doing it may be work, studying whatever it is keep that in mind this way you have fun with your style and may even go the extra mile with it.

4. Repetition is reputation
Invest in a signature item. A colour, clothing item, lipstick tone and anything that will not put you out of your comfort zone completely.

5. In the end
BE YOU! It’s all about comfort and what you love. If you feel comfortable and confident make it work for you.