The power of being an introvert -in a noisy, extroverted world

From the younger me up to now I don’t recall yearning to go out somewhere where it was crowded or liked the idea of having tons of people around (and by tons I mean two or more, lol). When you’re an introvert you kinda get judged a lot because you prefer being away from people and just enjoy your own space and sometimes people just don’t get that.

I always found that I was constantly surrounded by people who were extroverts and to some extent it did put pressure on me and honestly it still does. I would just rather stay in, read a novel, watch a series, edit, blog, paint, sketch do whatever in just that space and feel very comfortable instead of finding myself being pressured by having too much people around me, too much talking and just a lot of activity happening it does become overwhelming for me. I think for me it’s because I enjoy just those little activities I’ve adopted while just being alone in my room and it has helped me slowly discover things I enjoy and don’t enjoy. I also found that I’ve rediscovered traits that I thought had ‘vanished’ and that I wanted to readapt because I enjoyed that part of me and hey staying myself and having those internally conversations have stirred things like that back in my life, ”there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert”, I had to constantly tell myself that because I used to question why I didn’t want to go out like people my age should or just do things people do when they are young and stop being a ”granny” or ”party pooper”. But slowly I appreciated that. The good food, good playlist in the background, work gets done and even more ideas to create.

And its not that I won’t ever go out because I do it just depends on where I’m going and what the vibe is like. If it becomes overwhelming I immediately just get a feeling that I have to leave just because I miss that peace of mind feeling when I’m in my space. You’re an introvert and you immediately labelled shy, you don’t get along with people or just even sometimes labelled someone who thinks their better because you don’t want to go out there and do what everyone else is doing. Even when travelling and getting to the place you’re staying at and all you do is a certain amount of things and immediately want to go back just because that’s you. You don’t want to overwhelm your mind and just everything about you with what’s happening around.

If you’re an extrovert there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because that makes you. If you’re an introvert there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because that makes you. Period.

Yet again, if you’re about exploring the world in your own way go ahead and do it that way. Don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable position or place that makes you feel overwhelmed. Start with you and the rest shall follow.