My weird relationship with sleep

The rumours are true, I don’t sleep AT ALL! I remember thinking it was all the coffee I was consuming into my body and took a break from caffeine but did that help? Nope, it did not. My sleep pattern went from being extremely tired during the day that once I’m comfortable I could sleep the entire afternoon to not sleeping at all until after midnight. It’s like even during the day its hard for me to sleep. I now find that I don’t sleep at all and I don’t even feel tired the following day I just go through days in between not feeling tired nor feeling sleepy. So of course I researched, I went to Goggle, Pinterest and just every website that could give me options from home remedies to even just meditating until I would fall asleep. So after spending a few hours researching and giving a few options a try that I found on the internet I’m sharing five things that have helped and what the result has been like for me.

1. The schedule
Try and stick to a sleep schedule. Not only going to bed at the same time but to also wake up at a routine time. This has helped my body become a lot more ‘disciplined’ with regards to keeping to a consistent sleeping routine.

2. Herbal tea investing
Try drinking soothing and relaxing teas. This helps the mind and destress from the day you had. It calms the body and aids in sleep. Chamomile and green tea are best. Although I’ve sticked to chamomile because for some reason I can’t stomach green tea,regardless of the flavour.

3. Technology must fall! (well, just for the sleeps)
Removing all technology. I think this was one of my main issues for sure. Just the thought of my phone being close by and hearing the alerts and notifications sounds would force me to see what’s going on and what the alert was about. I now just keep my phone on the charger on airplane mode, away from me.

4. Cut caffeine
As sad as this made me feel typing but cutting off on caffeine has helped me get enough sleep. I’ve just had noticed that I get more restful, restorative sleep overall.
Note: in the introduction I said it didn’t help cutting off from caffeine (I lied).

5. Warm bath
Over time, a warm bath can help to create a healthy bedtime routine that signals the body it’s time to go to bed. The warm feeling after having a bath just allows your body to relax. Although I don’t do this every night since the schedule won’t be the same everyday. But I try to do it as much as I can.

And even after trying all these I came to conclusion that it’s all about remaining calm and just relaxing. It helps to just allow your mind to breathe and be clear off what’s happening in your life for those few hours.

Sleep is our rest and recharge state. Its the period of time when your body rebuilds and replenishes tissues, removes toxic waste from the brain and balances hormones.

So get enough sleep!