Don’t rush it- navigate what’s right for you

The last thing anyone needs is to feel obligated to keep people in their lives just because they’re family or a close friend. In all honesty if that person weighs you down in any form that adds negativity in some sort you do not need that if you trying to grow as a person. You need to grow knowing you have people in your circle that’s all about you and adds nothing but positivity. For me growing into the woman I yearn to be, I want to be able to say that the people I have in my life adds just goodness to it. My soul, my spirit at this point will not accommodate anything but positivity, period. I’m not willing to fight and keep people in the room, you feel the need to leave, hey! let me open the door for you.

Happiness requires one to be free and breathe and just be in a space of relaxation. Be someone that doesn’t entertain the fakery but instead moves away and lives their life away from the drama and whatever nonsense comes with it. It’s all about just living your life taking things easy and at your phase. Growth cannot be measured so don’t even rush it.

In a modern day world where we all trying to get things in order and get things done we need our career paths headed in the right direction, friendships, relationships and life in general to be headed the right way. Let’s commit to getting things done our way so we not surprised or feel pressured by the results.

Loving yourself is not a crime, instead learn to dump that perfectionist attitude about yourself and embrace who you are; with all your mistakes.
Do all you can to develop your potential and be the best version of yourself.

Raise a glass to all of those who doubted you. They truly motivate with all that hate.