Investing in basics

So the rumours are true, basic is best.Basics are investments that will last you a lifetime. I’m breaking down all the importance of items that one should own and you’ll take it from there. Because honestly, it will fit your personal style regardless, trust!

From the white, black and even grey tee these are investments that will never go out of style and will last a lifetime. Its easy items to incorporate into your personal style and you can rock it however you want. Whether you’re a simple girl or even someone who enjoys styling around the chic, elegant look they work really well with anything!

Creating a capsule wardrobe with these essentials will help you grow your clothing situation from having almost nothing to a thousand items (using just them). So the importance of a good pair of denim jeans? Well, it will carry you for years especially if they’re good fitting and snatch most looks you are looking to achieve. Investing in at least different shades of denim to enhance your different styles and even different cuts. Basic essentials like these will carry you for a lifetime. It’s not trendy so you’re not pressured to ”go with the flow”. A capsule wardrobe will carry you for the long run so invest in basic clothing. The denim jacket, the leather jacket, the white sneakers (get the black ones too) the classic black dress, the white shirt, the black sling back, the cami, blazers, the stripe tee, oxfords, the shopper bag and the list continues. When you google ‘the capsule wardrobe essentials’ there’s an entire list that will help you figure out what’s needed.

Also, when considering these essentials get them in neutral tones so that you’re not pressured to figure out what matches with what tone of clothing. Your greys, blacks and whites are the most suitable candidates. And these tones can be incorporated into any personal style.