Art Exhibition on Web

Sharing my five favourite instagram pages to check out and find art inspiration. I always say if I didn’t love fashion, blogging and interior, art would have without a doubt being a direction to follow. I wanted to share five of my favourite instagram pages I follow where I find inspiration for almost everything. Follow and check them out.

1. Sasha Podgurska

One of the first of many pages I started following when art blew me away on a different level. I love her appreciation and view on the females body through art.

2. Arless Studio

I love taking random photographs of fruits and this page has given me the motivation to continue doing so. I find this page so colourful and inspiring.

3. By James Wilson

I love the down-to-earth mood of this page and how the content just compliment my current mood which is not too much but just ”chilled”.

4. Maggie Stephenson

If you love art and looking for a page to capture a good time this is it! Never a dull moment from a page like this one. The colourful aesthetic itself is excellent.

5. Hello Artists

If you’ve never seen this page to date go and take a quick look. Trust, you’ll follow. I find inspiration on this page ALL THE TIME. There’s something about the content that I just find myself relating to.

There’s a ton of pages I could place but this post would mark the most visuals. I wanted to round it down to the ones I always check it. I hope you find it inspiring too!