My very dry skin vs Eucerin

Taking care of your skin should be an essential part of your skincare regime and ensuring that it stays moisturised throughout the day is a necessity. I for one agree with this statement all because I’m a living testimony to having very dry skin. Dry skin deserves extra care because of the state your skin is in (and so does all skin types). From high-end to even affordable skin products I’ve tried most and my skin was just not giving in especially during the winter months. For a couple of weeks I’ve tried out the Eucerin for very dry and sensitive skin moisturiser and I must say it has really helped. At first I found it to be very thick on my skin but after some time and giving the product the platform to do it’s job, it has really made a difference and contributed to my skin not being as dry as before. I now opt to apply it twice a day and it works well under my foundation too. It’s an AMAZING product! Give it a go.