Simple Styling Ideas

I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to know your body and understand what works well for your body type. I always say ” find your style and stick to it”. These styling tips will hopefully help you in improving the way you style around your clothing items and how to make them work well for you. These are also styling tips that I personally use almost everyday and they have contributed in helping me achieve the best look possible.

1. The tuck-in

For me, a simple cinch in the waist creates a feminine and flattering silhouette. I love putting emphasis on my waist because it allows my natural curves to show. And depending on your body its a great tip in even enhancing a look and 9/10 I’m rarely not tucking in. I’m always tucking in my tops just because I love a look like that and that way you can showcase detailing on the bottoms you’re wearing and even your accessories. I’m somehow always tucking in, whether I tuck in my entire top or just a potion.

2. The high-rise

As said before, knowing your body is key. For me, wearing low cut jeans just doesn’t feel or look right and I’ve slowly had to change up different bottom designs to see what I like and feel alot more comfortable in. A high rised bottom is something I’m always game for just because it makes me comfortable and fits well with my personal style. It’s not for everyone and usually (well, most people I know) prefer low cut bottoms but in all honesty it’s not my style so I always opt for bottoms that are high rise that way I can easily tuck in my tops which is ultimately my favourite thing to do. So designs like the mom jeans and straight legged are for faves.

3. The roll-up

I practice rolling up like ALL THE TIME. Whenever I intend on purchasing a blouse or an oversized top and it has long sleeves I play around with it to see how convenient it will be for me in terms of changing it up or down. I always opt for something versatile and an item that gives me more comfort in doing anything with it. Once I’m able to tuck and roll its a sale! (depending on the item, of course).

4. The stand-out

There’s honestly no rules to fashion. Throw on a statement bag, belt, overtop, shoe, accessory, bold lipstick or anything that will tie your outfit together. Apart from playing around with your clothes investing in items that stand out will help elevate your look and enhance it.

5. The confident you

Make sure to leave the house confident and comfortable. Being comfortable above everything is very important. Don’t feel like you have to style items the way someone on social media does or how a particular model looks. Make sure that you lock in looks that fit your body and personal style and that doesn’t pressure you to go about doing just because everyone else is.

Tip: making your outfit look like you’ve put in so much effort when you’ve done the bare minimum 😉

Basic white shirt, David Jones

Corduroy Pants, H&M