A/W ’19 style roundup

Spring sprung early and bye bye autumn/winter. I’m breaking down my favourite looks that have been on repeat (yes, I’m a proud outfit repeater) for the Autumn/Winter months that I’ve been rocking and loving. The cold season is almost over and I wanted to share three of my personal styling tricks that I’ve been doing to enhance my outfits and just overall looks I enjoyed.

1. If you know me you know I love slip dresses, especially lengthy, silky ones. My best investment has been a black silk one from Factorie. I love how adjustable it is and I love layering it. I really love the idea of pairing a knitted sweater over the slip dress and slowly might even rock it with a midi skirt but for now pairing them with my slip dress is a look that I’ve been enjoying so much. Its lightweight material and flatters really well.

2. The idea of pairing different textures, patterns and tones is something I have fun with the most when putting outfits together. It may seem odd at first but once you start looking at it from a different perspective you end up really liking it. I love pairing prints that seem odd together (I honestly don’t know why) but I really enjoy that and just blending a variety of textures together.

3. My ultimate favourite bag to style. It’s like the perfect size for me and honestly it will carry me all seasons long. I love pairing an oversized coat and carrying the bag as if it were a sling bag. I do have sling bags but I love this babe and wanted to just have it go with me everywhere. I can’t really fit much in a sling bag and for now I’ve been enjoying the size of this one.

Satin Slip Dress, Factorie

Coat, Vera

Bag, Colette Hayman

Jersey, Woolworths (Country Road)