The Statement Earpiece

A bold accessory can change an entire outlook on a basic outfit. For me, statement earrings are my favourite to invest in just because I’m not big on other jewellery pieces like bracelets and necklaces. Something uniquely designed, pretty toned and can be put together into any outfit I decide to wear on that day. On this blog post I’m sharing four of my favourite earrings that I own.

1. Brown Fever

This takes full reference to my brown mood/aesthetic that I’ve been all about. I haven’t gotten over my ”brown fever” aesthetic and not sure when I will be but these have complimented my current feels so much. Besides the colour, I love the pattern and design itself. This is definitely one of my favourite inexpensive investments and will surely carry me all seasons long.

Brown toned piece, Lovisa

2. Gold Bone

Besides complimenting my skin tone so well I really love this piece. It’s such a basic, normal looking pair and really does well in completing my overall look once I’m all face beaten. I love these with a sleek look so the attention is not entirely off my face. It’s clean, minimal, gold, stunning and was inexpensive too. I got the chunkier versions too so I can mix up my looks.

Sleek Piece, MrPrice
Chunkier Versions, Mango

3. Purple Rain

I remember these in a baby blue and thought why not purple. And why you ask? Because I don’t own anything in that colour department. I haven’t regretted my choice because these babes are amazing! These scream summer and I adore them so much. They look good styled with a toned down outfit and not something that speaks too many colour but if you want to have a mix of both bright and toned down pastel tones this babe does it.

Summer toned, MrPrice

4. Orange Affair

I’ve probably mentioned this before but orange is my favourite colour. I don’t know, I think because it’s not red and it’s not yellow. No honestly, I love orange there’s something about the colour that attracts me to it. So obviously once I saw these I had to get them. I love the design and the gold detail that joins the pieces together. LOVE!!

Arty Piece, MrPrice