Summer skincare tips

Do consider this your ultimate guide to amazing skin all season long.

1. Swap out your heavy moisturiser
Oh yes. Do consider something a lot more lightweight instead of your regular heavyweight moisturiser. I mean, the heat and humidity is enough. Whether it being an oil cleanser or your facial cream.

2. 1+1=1
Actually the answer is 2 but hopefully you get it. Instead of the casual separate sunscreen and applying your moisturiser how about just opting for a product that has both in one. It’s less product on the skin but with the same purpose. It doesn’t mean you have to use less product just opt for using less so that your skin doesn’t feel too heavy. I mean the heat, plus humidity, your sweat and product is all too much during this time. Your skin will still be moisturised and taken care of.

3. Vitamin [C] lear
Yay to Vitamin C. A serum or oil with Vitamin C on your face before your daily moisturiser should do the trick. And in all honesty, Vitamin C all year long to maintain good skin.

4. Non-comedogenic (products with no pore-clogging ingredients)
Wear makeup that won’t occlude your skin. Nothing too heavy on your skin and alot more less. Just like the term ‘the barely there no makeup, makeup look’ that’s the only song you should be singing. Well, depending on whether it’s your tune or not. Also, check the ingredients in your makeup products.

Always staying hydrated is important whether it being summer or not. Your skin and body overall needs to be hydrated. As for SPF, I mean do I have to emphasis. Your hands, lips, face, hands, your body needs it.

Pro Tip: these tips will help you prevent breakouts and minimise sun damage during the summer season and even all season long.