Reflecting on the year 2019

2020 so close are ya’ll ready? It’s a call to a new beginning and just doing things all over again. Lessons learned, lives changed and things were said and done. Just a few more days left to a new year altogether. I for one honestly don’t know how to feel or what to even think about. This year was weird for me because I don’t know what this ride was all about. I mean, have you ever just sat and thought about something like ”damn, what was that” yup, that’s how I feel. I just didn’t experience much this year I’m just glad to be venturing into a new year maybe I’ll experience something different following the new year. Its been good though, I mean there has to be a reason I’m still here breathing so I have to be doing something right.

God is so good in all things, I’m so appreciative that I’m here, healthy and alive. My body, mind and soul is at a good place and I’m still here trying to endure and embrace every moment. Let’s get ready to celebrate a new year ahead of us. New adventures and possibilities to endure.

Cheers to ending the year on a high note!