Learn to love you- Part One

For the month of love I’ve decided to do a Learn to love You series where every week I’ll share two main topics I think is a big step to loving yourself. As always its brief, straight to the point vibes.

Dare to be yourself.

May sound difficult but it’s so rewarding in the end. Do what feels right to you and put everyone’s opinions aside. The greatest innovations whether it being big or small all stem from people who are brave enough to step away from the herd. That person who chooses the road less travelled instead of societys path.

Set boundaries.

Evaluate what’s important to you. Set priorities, know your limits and have clear boundaries. Respect your limits by learning to say no to responsibilities, requests and tasks that are not in line with your values. Having boundaries set means that you respect yourself and you are very much in line with your values. This also helps set the tone for others to respect you too.