The strength in saying ‘no’

It takes me an exorbitant amount of courage to utter the word no and it worries me. I’m slowly getting there and I saw this because I realised that communicating your boundaries is important in all aspects of life. I’m sharing four boundaries I’ve set that have helped me slowly become more comfortable and self aware in not being disregarded.

Know that your feelings are valid.
You need to recognise that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Single out specific actions that weigh you really low and write them down. This is the first step to acknowledging your feelings.

Talk about what makes you uncomfortable
And that sounds uncomfortable itself BUT if you’re not firm and direct you’ll end up being disappointed and disrespected.

Self awareness is important
Be sure to also respect other peoples boundaries apart from yours. Understand and respect their boundaries so that way they can carry out the same action towards you.

Make yourself a priority
This should have been number one but I left the best for last. So honestly, as selfish as this may sound making yourself a priority is not a problem. Once you start seeing that you’re not appreciated, respected or validated walk away.

Remove yourself from narratives that set your feelings down.