A beginners skincare guide

Let’s breakdown the basic must haves to maintaining good skin.

1. Cleanser
A gentle, simple face wash is the golden rule. You need to make certain that you invest in a face wash that won’t harm your skins surface and that it’s suitable for your skin type.
My current favourite face wash is from the Good leaf brand which is a gentle facial cleanser which is unfragranced and contains green rooibos and aloe vera. The product also has hemp and is high in omega 3 and 6.

2. Serum
I love serum on my face. If not an oil I would opt for it. A serum I love most is one with basic ingredients that contribute really well to your skin like vitamins A and E. It also has the healthy oils including almond, sunflower, argan and jojoba oil. I love this one from EAD which is a tissue oil serum. So instead of contemplating whether I want serum or oil I have a product that has both. I love the feel of the product on my skin.

3. Moisturizer
For me I love a light moisturiser on the skin instead of heavy especially one that doesn’t have any oil ingredients to it because I already use a serum that includes an oil so yes, an oil-free option is best. I love products that have helioplex which is an advanced sunscreen complex that penetrates the layers of surface skin. This product from Neutrogena is really a dream.

4. Sunscreen
SPF is non-negotiable at any age. I sing the SPF song all the time. It also honestly improves your skin and protects it.

These four items are the most important skincare products in your routine. Play around with different brands but stick to having these items and not missing one. Your skin will thank you.