How to anchor the all season dress look

The all season dress look is something I’ve been dying to do because if you haven’t noticed I love dresses. I love when you can have a dress and it’s versatile enough to carry you through each season. I wanted to breakdown the main bits that I always consider when putting a dress look together.

1. The Shoe
All statements go a long way but there’s something about a statement shoe that makes an outfit stand out. Once you invest in a bold, stylish shoe you’re able to pair it with the majority of styles you come up with or feel inspired by. A basic dress can be enhanced by a shoe that has either a fancy detail, an amazing tone or just the style of the shoe itself. And it could go either way. You could have a basic shoe and a statement dress, it all depends on what you make from it. I love flat, slide ons (if that’s what they’re called these days) just because I can pair them with something as basic as a tee and denim but my ultimate favourite look is with a dress that already has stylish sleeves or a unique finish.

2. The Bag
I loooove investing in bags especially in the spring/summer because they somehow make summery looks speak louder than the colours itself (if that makes sense). But it honestly doesn’t matter the season an it bag is essential. Let me explain: to me if I can find a bold, uniquely designed bag I’m good to go. A bag that not everyone would opt for and preferably a bag that seems like it may not be worn everyday, you know. A uniquely designed bag can easily enhance any outfit for that matter. And honestly, if you think everyone has it but you still like it GO FOR IT. Make it work for you. I’m not big on trends but when the carrier came out I had to get me that bag. I got it in both a beige and yellow but for some odd reason I’m inlove with the yellow one and I rock it all the time. I also recently purchased this white one and I love it. It somehow enhances my very dewy, toned down look.

3. The Accessory
I’m not a fan of accessories (in this case bracelets, necklaces, rings etc) so when someone asks me about accessories I immediately think about a bag, an earpiece (just because I’m big on that) or even a bold lip (yup, you guessed it). I rarely wear jewellery so when I do you’d find me rocking a bold pair of earrings, the colour or style would either complement my overall tones or even just the shoes itself or even the dress. But if you’re big on jewellery that’s lowkey okay (nah I’m kidding, it’s totally cool) than make sure that they somehow bold and stylish that way they enhance the overall look and every statement of your outfit becomes fancier than it actually is. Choose unique accessories so that you can somehow add detail to a basic dress and if you’re styling a dress that already has a lot going on opt for pieces that won’t shy away from the dress itself.

In all honesty, anything from a simple hat to an overtop it doesn’t matter what it is it can enhance an outfit but for me these three really set the ball in the right court when coming to enhancing and anchoring a summer dress look just because they easily get put together when getting ready.

Margot Sandal, Country Road

Dress, H&M

In another episode of ‘no one asked’ :

Your hairstyle also plays a role in any look that you’re trying to achieve.

This is how I’m anchoring my dress look, how about you?