The body, mind and soul

If it wasn’t that evident that my current aesthetic is nature inspired and has tones of greens and greys altogether I’m here to say it is. I’ve been inspired by earth tones and the feel of nature and open spaces. Well, open fields feels have always been there and currently earth tones. On that note of ”no one asked” I wanted to share what I’ve drafted on taking care of your body, mind and soul. I think it’s areas in my life that I always want to believe is in check so I live a happy life and continually protect my vibes. Also below is an archive of images that you’ll be seeing on your timeline if you do follow Haut.

Practicing mindfulness is an important practice to infuse more calm into your life. I find that being mindful encourages me to enjoy the little moments I would otherwise miss. Quieting your mind is so important for reducing stress whether its writing all your thoughts on paper before bed or meditating in the morning, make it a priority to quiet your mind on a daily. Another thing I love doing is taking walks during sunset. Getting some fresh air and Vitamin D is a great way to feel more refreshed. It’s refreshing clearing your mind for a bit.

Detoxing from technology is definitely a ”practice what you preach” moment for me. Sometimes forgetting that there is an entire world beyond the internet. Lately, I’ve been sucked into my phone too much and I’m feeling the urge to take a break and get away from it. That could be one day a week without setting clear boundaries for technology-free time at night. Also, I’m not someone who reads food labels, but I am starting to pay attention to how much sugar I consume on a daily basis. Added sugar is everywhere! I want to become more aware of this so that I can avoid sugar crashes which no doubt cause me to feel sluggish. I end up consuming more caffeine than I expected (excuses) and that leads to me staying up till the early morning.

Sleep is one of the biggest factors in our energy levels throughout the day. Lately, I’ve been lenient with my bedtime schedule, but I want to make sure I’m getting a solid eight hours of sleep. Super proud of how my routines goes because it took me a while to be discipline with my bedtime.

This is my last thought, I promise. That random idea you’ve had in the back of your mind forever? Start it. As someone who has been blogging for almost three years, I’ve been able to turn my passion into something I have no choice but to do. At the same time, I know there’s more to life than what I create on the internet. I want to explore other sides of creativity, whether that is through sketching, reading or even meditating.

Okay, I’m done I promise. Regular decluttering is good for the soul. Release the things that no longer need to take up space in your life. Give yourself permission to relax. It’s hard, right? But it’s so important to value your downtime and take advantage of it when you can. Make sure you’re maintaining a good balance between productivity and rest.