Steps to tackle skin

Sensitivity, redness, heat sensation, itchiness and flakiness due to product overuse or even misuse. These are my personal tips I take into consideration when tackling any skin irritations:

  • Don’t use every product on your counter at once. Misusing any skin stimulating actives like retinoids and acids.
  • Keep cleansing to a minimum and keep abrasive scrubs and tools that may aggravate the skin.
  • Always consider a barrier support product to calm and soothe the skin. For me personally, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is my number one fave.
  • Once your skins sensitivity is under control you can slowly start reintroducing new products at a time to see what works for your skin. This way you can even compare ingredients and figure out what you skin appreciates.
  • Do not over layer too many products together or over use the frequency of a product.
Remember: 1 product at a time.