90s Style Inspired

Here I recreated one of my favourite fictional characters. Guess who?

With the pace of today’s fleeting trend cycle I wanted to share three of my favourite looks that I often try to merge with my personal style. Inspired by fictional characters from three series that I love (only because of these women and their characters). I wanted to focus on three of my favourite looks from the series that I’ve felt inspired by, check it out:

Sex and the City,

first aired more than two decades ago, the style-savy sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw took the world by storm and inspired viewers with her nameplate necklaces, crop tops, and unconventional outfit choices. Whether she’s running around in a cropped tank, getting brunch with the girls in a tube top and cargo pants or out on a date wearing the infamous naked dress (modern day women, it’s called a slip dress) Carrie’s flawless yet somehow unfussy summer vibe is a goal to aspire for. It’s the sultry, minimalist piece that I love which is the ”naked dress” look. It’s such a classic, staple item and with the modernised design of it, it’s an essential in my books.

Carrie Bradshaw


My second favourite look is by Monica Geller from ‘Friends’. She’s one fictional character from a series that really knows how to make any look work. Apart from always being in her chef uniform once she got dressed up it was monochromatic, casual outfits to even colourful dresses. My personal favourite was her looks that included sweaters, boots and denims. I love a basic denim and top look because you can wear it as is or style it up. It’s a classic that never goes out of style.

Monica Geller

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,

For team cosy this one is for you. This look inspired by Ashely Banks from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ is a keeper. This is my ultimate favourite look from the show because it’s such a comfortable fit. When you consider the creative experimentation that characterized her signature aesthetic from sporty looks to even dressier ones, it’s pretty impressive that her influence continues to hold strong with a modern crowd especially with the younger crowd. A basic legging and an oversized tee or jersey is an ‘in house’ favourite (especially during quarantine).

Ashely Banks

In another episode of ‘no one asked’ I had to share these images that I feel so inspired by to try out. These are all 90s off-scene photographs and honestly these styles are in trend for sure. What’s your fave?

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Who What Wear. I do not own any of these images