Reality isn’t aesthetically pleasing

We got two viruses going around right now. One that began late 2019 and one that has been incurred for generations. My point? Racism is taught by ignorance and I don’t think anyone is born racist. We gradually learn later on in our lives that whites have more, because. We (POC) have less, just because. We need to dismantle that mindset from our upbringing because black lives matter and it does not matter only when it’s convenient or when it benefits but it matters, period. We need to learn to unlearn the generational stigmas that’s been planted because yes, they’ve been planted (and don’t dismiss it) embrace it and learn why it feels uncomfortable. So, silently sitting in the corner saying ”I’m not racist” isn’t enough. Be ANTI-RACIST and proud. Take part in the debate if it happens, when you catch a family member, friend, your favourite cousin or anyone at this point that is remotely racist and acts all ignorant and unjust argue if you must so you educate! This virus (Racism) in particular is something we have power over and can cure so let’s not disregard that. The selfies can wait for a sec, the workout posts and your aesthetic won’t be ruined if you pop a post or two to be heard. Individuals that have a great social network must be loud and aware. We must constantly check to see who and what needs our support and attention. Not everything and everyone deserves it so, CHOOSE WISELY. Speaking up doesn’t ruin your feed or aesthetic. Life won’t always go according to plan but this current issue we’re faced with is what needs our current efforts and attention to resolving it. POC who die because of their pigmentation won’t be brought back. We have to do better because whether it’s all the way in the States it can still make it’s way here. We must bring about change. #blacklivesmatter