Autumn / Winter Care

The cold temperatures and lack of humidity can wreak havoc to your skin and the same goes for warm, dry temperatures that damages skin. But a call for tips on taking care of your hands and feet during the cold season is in check since it is autumn.

Giving your hands a helping hand,

Extra hand-washing to keep germs and flu away but unfortunately as much as this helps it also causes your skin to get a lot more drier by the wash. As tempting as washing your hands with hot water during the cold season run it under warm water instead.

Don’t forget your feet

In all honesty, we don’t really spend much time on our feet. Well, I know I don’t. I get my toes done and I’m good to go after moisturising of course. Your hands are exposed to the elements on the regular and are particularly at risk but even your feet need extra care. The last thing you want is to kick off your shoes only to expose your snagglefeet, yuck.

Here’s some homecare tips that I follow during the cold season:

  • Try using your facial wash on your hands.
  • Try an oil and water mixture for your feet. This will help soothe your ankles (in another episode of ”no one asked” I wear open shoes often so my ankles are always exposed to the air, dirt and everything around so trust this does work)
  • Get a manicure and pedicure often
  • You don’t have to go get the boujee one done just do your own DIY in the comfort of your home.