Elements to creating a timeless wardrobe

Always have a default option, think of this as your uniform that you opt for when something’s just not working. How straightforward and blunt is that for an intro, huh? Personally, this time of year my essentials include a statement sweater, blazer and kicks. These are items I can also wear all year long and I can incorporate them according to the season. When it comes to having timeless style, one must have a wardrobe to support the looks, so it’s important to know what piece to buy and where to purchase and what works for you. Investing in these style staples that will round out your timeless wardrobe is important.

I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to resist your urge to splurge on items that will have you standing out this season and have you wondering why you bought it the next. Think tasteful not trendy and invest your hard earned paper on items you won’t have to be second guessing.

It’s important to remember that timeless style doesn’t mean you have to trade in your wardrobe for a neutral one. If you’re careful with colour, the look can be just as timeless. Colour, the look itself, the silhouette and literally everything about an item you invest in is things to consider! When paired with accessories, the look will suddenly feel strong and elevated.