Facial Massage – how to do one at home

Because who needs a full body massage…

So, do you need a facial massage? How can it benefit you? Well, a facial massage stimulates collagen production, the removal of toxins, ultimately relaxes you while bringing oxygen to your skin AND increases absorption of natural skin products.
Below I share a Japanese facial massage tutorial that I’ve done for the past weeks.

  1. Clean hands and face
  2. Warm an oil concentrate or serum between palms
  3. Use gentle motions but firm pressure to face
  4. Massage under ears and along sides of neck (also known as the Lymph area)
  5. Knead the sides of your face
  6. Smooth forehead lines. So, press fingers above brows and slowly slide them upward
  7. Gently press fingers under eyes and slide them towards the temples. Also, these tips gradually do form part of your skincare routine.

Also I’ve been really into Japanese skincare regimes and researched on tips Japanese women swear by:

  • Makeup should compliment your skin not hide it.
  • Lotions or watery liquid moisturizers are the key to deep hydration.
  • Include probiotics in your diet as your gut is directly connected to your skin.
  • Drink matcha to calm inflammation.

Happy Facial!