Styled by the bloggers

-featuring inspiration from my favourite senoritas I follow with astonishing style.

Sylvie Mus

What my dream closet looks like. Sylvie’s take on styling classics and basics are one you should always look to for inspiration. I love minimal looks and if I’m looking to up a basic denim and tee outfit I find her to be my first reference. And it’s items one already has right? I mean, classic tees, blazers, denims, polar necks for the cold season so yes, you can do it.

Monikh Dale

I remember following Monikh because of her Weekly Girl series on her blog where she showcases different items that can be styled on so many occasions and making them seem so versatile. I also love her writing segments and contribution on the Who What Wear site. She’s a stylist with an excellent eye for fashion items that will really run you through all seasons. I personally love her dress collection (because I’m clearly such a sucker for dresses with bold sleeves, ruffles and an over sized silhouette look). And yes she convinced me to get the ugly sandal.

Bettina Looney

I first discovered her on Pinterest because I have a board for all the street style looks that I love. For me whenever I look for dress styling inspiration Bettina is my go-to. I love how she styles dress looks by playing around with bold accessories, statement shoes AND I absolutely love how she makes use of her hairstyles, lipstick colours and beauty looks to create an overall fun yet chic outfit.

Brittany Bathgate

So, I know I said Sylvie is a great reference for minimal outfit inspiration (and she is) but Brittany is more towards the daring part of minimal dressing. What do I mean? She goes for minimal pieces that seem weird and not everyone would opt for and it’s not considered ‘safe’ so if you’re minimal but not on the daring end Brittany is probably not your girl but if you’re up for the challenge what are you waiting for? Go check out her amazing and aesthetically pleasing IG. She’s daring in all item pieces like her bag purchases (because yes, she goes for bags with the unusual shape, the shoe design and even small details like a pocket or even collar.

Tylnn Nguyen

There isn’t an item Tylnn owns that you don’t have, trust. She has a minimal, chic style and it’s minimal effort. It’s basics that get styled up the notched with statement blazers, classic pumps and a bold red lip. She’s the easiest and honestly my woman crush.

Alexis Foreman

I’ll forever lean more towards a baggy fit (it’s always been my thing) and from 2018 Alexis has carried out looks suited for that type of aesthetic. It’s a classic, chic yet timeless way to turning up your everyday items into something trendy by playing around with mixing and matching different textures and creating the baggy silhouette look.

In another episode of ‘no one asked’ Sylvie Mus and Monikh Dale is definitely my two favourite inspirations and my dream closet is a combination and a very interesting take on both their closets.

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Who What Wear. I do not own any of these images.