The Journey to Naturalness

I have been on a natural hair journey fsince the year 2017. And when I say ‘natural hair journey’ I mean taking out the chemicals and excluding any heat. I’ve changed my hair patterns for years and really wanted to get my hair to the most natural, healthy and thick state that it can be. And it’s done exactly that. For anyone on a transitioning journey like this knows the challenges when adjusting to it. It takes an incredible amount of time, patience, knowledge and even learning altogether. Figuring out what products will work and what ingredients in that can be beneficial for your hair.

I remember having moments of feeling doubtful about my hair. Struggling to embrace its naturalness and always hid it with wigs and braids (not that I’ve decided to entirely cut that out). But, I am in a space of having so much confidence in rocking my hair just as it is. I had a blissful experience last week just letting my hair be out and not being bothered with how it looks. So, the journey to naturalness with both the no makeup and leaving my hair out has really helped me grow. It has leveled up my confidence higher than before.

Also, a big shout out to India Arie’s ‘I am not my hair’ along with the lyrics because boy, oh boy it got me through this transition.

I received emails and direct messages from the very first time I showed my hair on social media from ladies asking me about my hair care routine and wanting to know how and when did I go natural, so I hope I was able to cover that. I will do a separate post showing what products and what protective styles I often do.

S T A Y H A U T!