4 Best Styling Tips

The Tuck,

This helps elevate the outfit and makes you look more put together. It’s such an easy tip and makes your look seem like you put in so much effort when you’ve actually done the minimum. It’s my person favourite and go-to trick (to occasionally enhance my outfit). I love somehow tucking in the front portion of the shirt and leaving excess hanging out at the back. Another trick of changing up the look is leaving out some excess and tucking in just a small portion which is almost half tucked in but the majority of the top is left out or just tucking in everything like how I’ve done with this outfit.

High-waisted pants,

I find that I do lean towards high-waisted pants to create a delusion so I do seem a lot taller and it’s such a fun take on the casual, familiar, basic design of what pants should look like. I also love how it cinches at the smallness of your waist which is flattering for most body types. It’s personally such a go-to and I love wearing them to enhance a basic look so I always look ‘put together’. So, whether it’s denim bottoms or pants the high waist look is always a go-to.


You’d be surprised by how a basic look can be elevated by adding bold accessories like a statement bag, a shoe and even a bold lipstick colour can do the trick. It immediately turns your outfit into something very trendy, chic and bold. You don’t have to do much, just a little accessorizing goes a long way. A personal favourite is accessorizing with rings and a statement bag and shoe. It’s not often BUT a good lippie does the trick.

Making pants at shoe height,

Cuff buttoms for an easy and quick fix to look more put together. I personally don’t mind lengthy pants (infact I love it) and I know it does appear tacky BUT it’s a daring look for sure and not one for every occasion so make sure to consider what the occasion is. Cuffing buttoms creates a more flattering look so also keep the silhouette in mind if you are looking to play around with a different look and style.

Tip: If you’re looking for a clean more subtle look cuffing your sleeves can do just the trick. Play around and add accessories to make the look of the outfit more functional.

What I’m wearing:
Shoes, Country Road
Pants, Oakridge (Mr Price)
Top, Cotton On
Shirt, H&M
Bag, Cotton On
Strappy Sandals, Woolworths

S T A Y H A U T!