S/S Fresh Faced

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m a product junkie. I love trying out new products especially anything skincare. I’ve been eyeing the brand Avène for a while and finally decided to just give it a try. So, from researching I know that Cleanance cleansing bar reduces excess sebum, unblocks pores and reduces imperfections. The cleansing bar purifies and gently cleanses the skin leaving it smooth (just what I like). It’s formula contains Monolaurin (patent pending) which regulates sebum hyperproduction and shine, and salylic acid which helps reduce imperfections on oily skin such as blocked pores and acne spots. I am really enjoying the feel this bar leaves me with. My skin is left feeling clean, fresh and smooth for most of the day.

Another one is the Avène Cleanance Soap-free Gel which gently removes impurities from the skin and helps reduce excess sebum thanks to the Monolaurin formula. The Avène Thermal Spring Water provides soothing and anti-irritating benefits. Just like the bar its leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and refreshed.

I’ve also recently started using a close to home South African Demo brand as a daily moisturizer (which I use for night time as well) it’s the IQ South African Dermatologist Developed Clear Start. Its a lightweight, oil-free day cream that helps to keep skin clear, shine-free and protected from the harsh rays of the sun. It’s a great formula if you’re looking for something not too heavy on the skin and it contains SPF so you’re good to tackle the day knowing your skin is protected.

Remember, it’s all about consistency and making sure you’re making the most out of the products. A plus is using it both day and night to achieve exactly what the products say they do.

S T A Y H A U T!