Swimwear Haul 2020

Let’s get trendy and ready for all the trendiest bikini styles that has been swimming across our timelines (well, at least mine). Below I’m sharing trendy swimwear you can indulge in and try out if you’re looking to try out a different bikini style.


String bikinis have a strong silhouette. They scream chic, effortless and sexy. They may also double as tops making it a lot more fictional than just rocking them to the beach and back.


Fun Prints

I have found as new appreciation for colour and print. If you really wear colours, swimwear is a fun way to play around with bold colours without feeling overwhelmed. And if you’re not the colour type just go ahead and give it a try. It won’t hurt adding some colour to your life. Try polka dots, tie-dye and even patterned ones that are brightly toned.


Luxe one-piece

With this one it’s all about cool fabrics and luxe details. They so versatile and fun. They definitely scream extra. Also, a great way to get more wear out of it is using it as a top and getting more wear out of it. Swimwear fabrics are cool and not too thick. So, breathable and versatile. Give it a try.


Remember to always go for what suits your body best that way you’ll be comfortable and confident. Which bikini look is your fave?

These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Who What Wear. I do not own any of these images.