The minimalist added colour

I’m a minimalist. I’m big on my blacks, whites and greys and the majority of the things I own lack colour (yes, I said lack). I’ve realised that dressing in minimal tones is completely my style and that’s my style so why change it, right? Adding colour to my wardrobe isn’t changing my style, it’s just evolving it. Some colours do work perfectly into a simple, minimal wardrobe like mine and it even compliments the minimalism of it.

What I do think is key is finding those flash of colour items that work well with what you already own and which suit your skin tone and body type. Also, know your limits. So, when you are the minimal type and do start investing in pieces that aren’t the usual buy, do clever shopping. That is the way we can make our shopping habit a little more sustainable.

My favourite way of throwing in some colour in my minimal wardrobe is with the smallest items I already own. I love a statement earpiece and its really something small so I don’t overthink my look too much. A statement shoe is a great way too although, I rarely do invest in flashy shoes. Another added way to do this is with a statement bag. I recently got this top and I’m set on styling it with bottoms like my denims and culotte pants. It’s a nice pop of colour and adds character to the outfit. It is bright so I definitely still want to lock in looks that are subtle and the top being the only stand out part of the outfit.

What I’m wearing:
Top, Jet
Bottoms, H&M
Shoes, Mr Price

S T A Y H A U T!