The Weekender Series – Zoo visits, Garden Walks & Wine

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

September 18th,

A kickstart to an early morning with the greens. This super drink is honestly the yummiest (includes: celery, kale and apple) which is energy boosting and great for both your skin and body. This one in particular is from Woolworths food and it’s part of the smoothie range. In my world I would only have green smoothies, in my partner’s world I’d always have the beetroot drink (which he had). It’s ultimately not a bad drink at all, it has cranberry and ginger which are really individually good for improving heart health and preventing cell damage. To my favourite part (the food of course), our plates definitely both had a different vibe. I had a couscous salad which had butternut, zucchini and sliced avocado (of course). My partner had a cheese burger with sliced avocado and he included chicken nuggets we had the night before. So, our meals were somewhat healthy, not healthy… After a quick shower and blog-brand work my feet were up with wine in my hand (just for a quick snap because in all honesty, I had a bit too much the night before and woke up with a hangover and couldn’t stomach wine just yet).

Shoes, Country Road

September 19th,

How do you not appreciate a guy who lets you be a kid again. I wasn’t aware and didn’t plan on going to the zoo (you can tell by my outfit) but that was the surprise and boy, oh boy it was exciting. We would occasionally just drive past the zoo and I kept mentioning how I wanted to go and he made it happen. It was fun and definitely worth making my current favourite sandals over work. We visited the Johannesburg Zoo and had a late lunch at the Piza Vino Restaurant in Rosebank. Just a simple mozzarella pizza and we opted for a sweet white wine this time.

Top, Mr Price
Pants, Oakridge (Mr Price)
Shoes, Woolworths
Bag, Colette Hayman
Earrings, Mr Price
Earrings: Mr Price

September 20th,

What a dream view, right? Our favourite place to go as a couple to just take in nature. Botanical Gardens is our go-to spot to just chill and enjoy the outdoor. If you haven’t been there and just want to walk around a not so crowded public area, go check it out. It’s located the Greenside area and how I love snapping the ducks for content. Another 10/10 rating from both my lover and myself, a restaurant located in Melrose Arch called Mr George. Where do I begin… the service is amazing so is the food and vibes. I’m still raving over the pasta situation we had when we had first tried them out. The calamari pasta is mouth-watering and accompanied with white wine it all sinks in really good.

Top, RT (Mr Price)
Denim, H&M
Shoes, Mr Price
Bag, Cotton On


Let’s chat. You guys can always send through new places you’ve tried out before and what the experience has been and we’d love to give it a try.