The Weekender Series – Gallery Visits, Hiking & Movie Dates

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

October 27th,

Happy Tuesday! and why does this series feel like I’m back to writing in a diary… We finally visited an art gallery which we haven’t done in a while. This time though, we decided to go to ones we’ve never been to. Our first stop was getting the best burgers in town from the BRG restaurant (which if you haven’t tried yet, what you waiting for. Also, thanks to the mans for hyping me on it). We first visited the Everard Read gallery located in Rosebank and our take? BEAUTIFUL! I’ve actually never been to a gallery as spacious and contemporary as this one. Our second stop was the Stevenson gallery in Randburg. Okay, it was a big change for me because we had left such a spacious gallery and were welcomed to one not even half the space as the other. BUT, still worth it. It’s always refreshing to experience story telling of mothering and child birth through artists. Freshly painted walls and a book shelf with inspiring artwork images and you have me. Another new thing we did was try out the Expresso restaurant in Parkhurst. Finally, after checking reviews and having people tell me about the amazing food, it was honestly good! I had a spicy calamari pasta (and yes you guessed right, I tried it out so I could compare whether it could potentially be first place or does the trophy stay with Mr George, if you haven’t checked my post talking about their dish please do give it a read: The Weekender Series – Zoo visits, what I wore and w). Yes, the pink drink is mine. I tried their pink margarita cocktail which is good and gave me the kick, lol. My partner had the mushroom and chicken pasta dish which was rated by the manager to be a really good pasta dish, and it was. Go give them a try.

Everard Read Gallery
Everard Read Gallery
Stevenson Gallery
Top, Mr Price
Denims, H&M
Shoes, Woolworths
Jacket, Zara
Top, H&M
Denims, H&M
Jacket, Zara
Shoes, YDE
Glasses, Superfine
Expresso Restaurant

October 29th,

In other news of ‘no one asked’, I am currently typing this blog post with blisters on my feet and sunburn on my neck. Only because I wore the wrong shoes (I swear Converse has to be the most uncomfortable shoe) and I didn’t put enough SPF. My love and I planned a hiking day on Tuesday but the weather wasn’t on our side so we had swapped the days. We hiked at the Klipriviersberg area. It was such an amazing experience to have done something this adventurous as a couple. We got to experience ‘the long journey of life’ together and gave each other high fives to top the experience we started together.

October 30th,

Friday was just a ‘no’ day for us, lol. The hiking from the previous day really got us and all we wanted to do was just chill out. Our breakfast meals were both chicken, feta and carrot wrap with sliced avocado. We of course decided to go out to the cinema and watch the screening of Antebellum (if you’ve watched it, please do let me know what’s your take from it). I found the production pretty interesting but educational yet empowering. I don’t have much photos from this day, as I’ve said we were both defeated for those vibes.

October 31st,

Yes, we were still exhausted and had some pains here and there but I think we were a lot better… Our day kickstarted in the afternoon with a lunch from Fish Monger (located in Rosebank) because the mans was craving their vodka pasta. I opted for a pasta dish that I’ve also tried out before which is the seafood dish. Our next stop was a run around for another craving someone had (I love you boo) which was waffles. We found a place located in Brystanston called Sticky Waffle. I had their vanilla shake with an original waffle and plain vanilla ice cream. My partner had the big jo’ waffle with fries and a soda (surprisingly he had a coke which he always reprimands me for getting all the time, but anyway) go give them a try. Taking in all the yummy things led to the cherry on top which was the rain and boy, oh boy it rained.

Fish Monger
Sticky Waffle

November 1st,

Happy new month! I didn’t even realise that it was a new month until now (currently typing this post at 20h50). Today was a cut short day for us because of exhaustion and the weather. We had a late breakfast, early lunch at Topo Gigio located around the Greenside area. I always opt for their traditional mac and cheese and mister had a rice and chicken breast meal with sliced avo, lettuce and peppers (it was good). And we took the car in for a wash.

Dorpio Zero


Let’s chat! I love sharing what we eat, wore and places we’ve tried out. Please do let me know of any places you highly recommend and we’ll give it a try.

S T A Y H A U T!