Your skin will say merci

All in the name of beauty and skincare I’m sharing some tips on why sheet masks are such the ‘it’ trend. I’ve only recently begun using them and did more research on why they’re so good to include in your skincare regime. Below are all the sheet masking tips and my recent sheet mask purchase.

They’re more moisturizing than cleansing,

Regular face cleansers are detoxing and cleansing for the skin, sheet masks are a little different in that they are generally for injecting the skin with maximum hydration. If you enjoy the fresh feeling you get after applying a regular face mask, you’ll probably want to keep both in your skincare and/ beauty routine.

Not just white,

The classic sheet mask is white, but you can get some with active ingredients that change colour like black charcoal or gold infused masks, you can also get sheets that focus on particular areas of the face. Want to rejuvenate tired eyes? Try under eye sheet mask patches. There’s even lip masks to dehydrate your lip area.

Good for on the go,

There really couldn’t be a better travel companion. Sheet masks are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Just a quick apply on the face and you can instantly remove them without having to cleanse.

Don’t drop everything else,

Even a sheet mask every day shouldn’t replace your usual skincare routine. There’s no such thing as a quick fix in both skincare and beauty. And whilst a little pick me up is good don’t let your skincare habits drop off in favour of laziness. Indulge in a sheet mask every once a week but still keep a disciplined day-to-day routine.

My very first sheet mask purchase is the Garnier SkinActive Even and Matte Tissue Mask is specially formulated for uneven and oily skin. Infused with milky essence and brightening Vitamin C, this mask leaves your skin smooth and bright and gives dull skin an instant radiance boost. So give it a try!

Give your skin a sheet masking day. It’s such a great boost for your skin and works really well in maintaining amazing, radiant looking skin. Did I mention that you’ll feel so refreshed?


Just recently tried a sheet mask and would love to share your review on the brand you used? Let’s chat! Send through your faves.