Woman – return to yourself

An unlearning.
An excavation.
An act of recollection.

And to put it into words: ‘finding myself‘ isn’t really a thing. I’m not a money note lost in last years winter coat pocket.

Realizing that we don’t get lost at all. Our true, authentic selves have just been buried under people’s opinions, goals, dreams, cultural conditioning and that became in accurate conclusions. Finding yourself is actually returning to yourself. An unlearning, an excavation, an act of recollection. So, to my ladies…

I want to tell you all I am so impressed and proud of you. The hustle has never been better. I support you and will always uplift you as best as I can. My love for artistic self expression has always been my favourite conversation with the world (add feminism). It has taught me that art and/ fashion is not right or wrong but a vibe. My self evolvement has been its ultimate blessing. I cannot wait to see us all grow. I encourage you all to fall in love with yourself, and never be shy about your passions. I celebrate your strengths to navigate through it all. Never lose yourself in the process or journey of returning to your trueness and always stand by what you believe is authentic and real to you. Don’t hold back.

And there she was. Go. But always come home. Wiser.

Let’s chat! Share your smallest achievements you’re super proud of. Mine? The Haut Aesthetics.