Reality vs. Reality : The New Body Positive

In the body positive Instagram trend, Reality vs. Reality, women are stepping up and showing side by side images of themselves – same day, same clothes, same body. The goal is to prove that we can love our bodies in the good angles and the bad.

Speak this over your body, to fill your mind, soul and physical being. Below I put a personal ‘body love affirmation’ that I constantly go through whenever I feel low and maybe there’s a time my weight fluctuates I make certain to read through it so I encourage myself and get myself to a great place physically, mentally and even spiritually.

Body Love Affirmation

I honour my body as my sacred temple. I send love and light to every cell, every molecule and every atom of my beautiful physical being. I open my heart to loving myself. With every breath, I let peace wash over me now.

It’s a hard NO!

  • Obsessing over food and our bodies
  • Self-control
  • Exercising as punishment for what you ate
  • Talking shit ourselves
  • Having a fixed mindset
  • Believing we are destined to a mediocre life
  • Making weight loss our lives purpose
  • Focusing on what we don’t want
  • Food rules
  • Compare and despair
  • Devoting our lives to shrinking our bodies
  • Counting calories and reading every label
  • Letting diet culture brainwash us

It’s a hell YES!

  • Listening to and trusting our bodies
  • Self Care
  • Joyful movement
  • Daily affirmations that remind us we are awesome
  • Knowing that there’s more to health than food/exercise (stress levels, relationships, careers satisfaction, spiritually etc)
  • Having a growth mindset
  • Making space to find our purpose
  • Embodying the version of ourselves that has everything we want
  • Food freedom (but the right way)
  • Loving ourselves unconditionally
  • Letting our intuition guide us

Flaws and all, the imperfections and the ‘not-so-perfect’ but perfect ideas you have of yourself shouldn’t matter. Don’t lower your self-esteem because of society. Carry out your true, natural, authentic self JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! YOU’RE PERFECT!

Remember to stay true to yourself & your roots.

Please do hashtag your body positive images #itsmybody #itsmysoul. Also, eat whatever you want this festive, it only comes once a year. Happy seasons greetings to you & your loved ones!!!