The Weekender Series – Waffles, Views & New Favourite Pants

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

Hi Loves! I’m back with another ‘Weekender Series’ that includes all things food, location and what I wore. Please stick around as I share all the things I got up to.

December 11th,

A day filled with lots of self-care. I had it all planned out, so wash day (my braids really needed to be washed including my scalp), my nails also needed a refreshed nail colour, exfoliating was definitely on the cards and to get me through it all some coffee, of course. I always try to do a self-care day on Fridays so that I’m super ready to tackle the weekends. With all that done by the time it was the afternoon I was very relaxed and able to just enjoy some ‘me-time’. I also wanted to share these gorgeous pants that I’ve been rocking on recent blog posts. I got these from H&M and actually never thought I was gonna get another investment piece that is pants, of course. I’ve always reached out for my black ones (which I definitely will still be doing) but I want to be able to swap between the two. I love the cut and fit of these. Keep an eye out for a post where I will be showcasing on how I will be styling these.

Fresh out the shower : clean braids, scalp & skin.
What I’m wearing :
Pants, H&M
Top, H&M
Earrings, Lovisa

December 12th,

Happy Saturday! What a great dive into the weekend with rainy weather and a movie date. We went over to Monte Casino and had an early supper at the Ocean Basket. It was very light meals because we had already eaten before heading over that’s side. We both had the sticky rice dishes although mine had prawn and mussels and J had his with fish. We had already booked the movie so killing time and grabbing food was the only thing. We watched the movie ‘Run’ which was really good and pretty interesting. Its definitely one of those movies where you’re able to put the pieces together, so yes, it’s ultimately straightforward.

πŸ“Monte Casino
Sticky rice & fish
Sticky rice w/ prawns & mussels

December 13th,

Happy Sunday y’all! What a great way to start off the sabbath day with some waffles and what a greater way to have ones from FAB DINER. Sounds familiar? I’ve posted a ‘Weekender Series’ and shared our first experience [ Read Here :The Weekender Series – Staycation, Birthday Celebration & New Shoes]. This time though, I tried out their waffles and had an oreo and cookies combo. J had the ‘Elvis waffles’ which had bananas and peanut butter. The vibes, settings and dessert is really good. Go give them a try! Our next stop was photos around the areas we usually go to and we headed to our favourite chill-out spot which was at Botanical Gardens located in Emmerantia. Talk about complete fresh air and a pretty rose garden. Also, check out my current favourite go-to slides which are so pretty! They’re such beauts and go really well with a very minimal, laid-back look like the outfit I was wearing. Supper was my favourite restuarant the entire world Mr. George. Okay, so the pasta is still as good as I remember and I tried a cocktail from them which I’ve never had before. It was pretty good too! Still no.1 in my books!

Elvis Waffle
What I’m wearing:
Pants, H&M
Top, Edition
Shoes, Woolworths
πŸ“ Botanical Gardens
πŸ“ Melrose Arch
Purple Gin Fizz
Calamari Pasta
6 Hour Bolognese

In another episode of ‘no-one asked’ I was up around 01:15 and wanted to share a very important quote I saw on Instagram. I know this will hit hard for many just because we tend to fail ourselves based off other people. Look, if you’re growing and moving to a upper level in your life and it’s making people around you uncomfortable LET THEM GO AND LET YOU BE! I know there’s plenty power quotes out there and all that jazz BUT grow to outgrow. It’s honestly okay to. Don’t be afraid and don’t be regretful in doing so. Don’t stunt your growth because they’re not growing with you. HONOUR YOURSELF!!!

December 14th,

WHAT AN EARLY START TO A MONDAY! And what better way to wake up in the morning but with rain. Today was a chilled outing to a place called Pont De Val. It was a first coming here so I didn’t know what to expect. It was pretty quiet and had such a pretty view. You guys know I love open spaces and anything with trees, plants etc. So it was so refreshing to get out and have that. Such a great start to the week.

What I’m wearing:
Top, H&M
Denims, H&M (curvy denim)
Shoes, Woolworths
Earrings, Mr Price

As always, thank you guys for sharing your reviews on The Weekender Series. I’m so grateful that a lot of you enjoy it.

Happy seasons greetings to you & your loved ones.