Fast-Forward 3 years + What I’ve Learned

Hi Loves! I’ve just recently celebrated a big achievement for me which was the three year anniversary of my site ‘The Haut Aesthetics’. I’ve also shared my gratitude towards all the viewers (including you) and how great I’ve been feeling about the blog since founding it. You can check out my internet celebration [ Read Here : The Haut Aesthetics – 3 years in the making ]. I got a few emails back asking if I could do a separate post on how I’ve truly been feeling about blogging and what I’ve learned in the three years so here it is! Please join me as I share my thoughts with you.

Time Management & Organization

Without good time management my blog would have fizzled out a long time ago. It can be really hard to produce quality content (not to mention proof reading + social media scheduling). You have to be super intentional about blogging and for me once I became a lot more serious and not just journal randomly when I felt like it. This involved scheduling a lot of things in advance. But despite all that it becomes worth it. Having that post ready and knowing that you’ve edited EVERYTHING and 100% sure about hitting the ‘publish’ button.

A commitment to good quality photography

While I still use my phone for pictures in that I need to be certain that the images I will use for the post look decent and does attract viewers. I for one love using photographs from my phone because I love content creating that is not too high quality yet it is pretty decent, clear and relatable. I always encourage individuals who constantly ask ‘what camera do you use’ to make the most out of what they have. And actually with that said blogging has improved my picture taking skills. Wanting better photos for ‘The Haut Aesthetics’ has driven me to raise my standards in terms of how I shoot my images and I’ve grown to love that aspect of blogging.

It’s all about perseverance

There are so many blogs out there and on a daily so many new ones get founded. But in all that so many people burn out. I’ve learned overtime that while perseverance is definitely not the whole key to blogging, it is certainly a big part of it. If I had just started my blog 3 years ago, announced it publicly and then failed to post consistently or not do anything with it… well, that’s not really much of a blog, is it? I’ve pushed through many difficult seasons and continued to work hard on my blog and it’s content and it has really paid off. And that has truly strengthened my creativity and personal drive too.

Your sphere of influence is larger than you think

Bloggers and everyone really does have discouraging days where they sit back and wonder a lot of things with regards to what they’re doing. But I just feel so blessed that I’ve had a lot of readers email me and they tell me how inspiring and empowering a particular post made them feel. It’s always touching and humbling to learn of ways that people have stumbled across ‘The Haut Aesthetics’ and how it impacted them in a certain season and even influenced them to take better care of their skin or reconsider style choices etc.

Healthy social media relationship

Ah, social media… it’s hugely important to any blogger, but also hugely absorbing, frustrating and discouraging at times. I’ve been all over the place with social media. If I don’t watch myself, I could spend hours on various platforms. But spending too much time on social media has proven to be helpful to me. It’s where I find inspiration and ideas for both content and blog posts but it can too make one feel inadequate so there’s a delicate balance to strike. As much as there is negatives to social media it does too have positive aspects. All in all social media is a difficult thing to manage but if it’s approached with intention, it is really valuable and rewarding.

Authenticity needs balance

It should technically be easy to say what you mean, but in the online world it can get difficult. Authenticity can sometimes be seen as negativity and sometimes sharing feelings offends others without you meaning to. I am vulnerable but in that my blog is a space to be free.

I hope all these thoughts from my personal experiences will assist you if you’re looking to launch a blog. Thanks for all the support and positive feedback.