New Skincare Discoveries

As a product junkie, I get to try a lot of new products and while I’ll always end up going back to my holy grail skincare favourites, there are some new products that have really impressed me over the last few months. So, let’s breakdown all the products that I did try and will be reaching out for. Who knows, they might end up making your holy grail list in the future. Please keep scrolling as I share skincare discoveries from 2020 that are without a doubt worth your time.

Meet the Hero-Products:

1. Woolworths W-Beauty

I’ve shared before how I’ve never really took exfoliating as serious as I do now especially with the research that I’ve been doing. Becoming very much intact with my skin and what products, ingredients etc, I use have honestly been a thing. I’ve seen so many good reviews regarding the W-Beauty range and wanted to give them a try and in all honesty it’s AMAZING! Micellar Water has always been a product (just like a toner) that I wasn’t always sure about just because I didn’t know much about it and how it could be beneficial for my skin but I do now and I LOVE the hydration my skin is left with after cleansing and just applying it.

Why this product?
– Vegan & Beauty without cruelty
– Vitamin Complex
– Deeply cleansers, removes impurities while maintaining pH balance and moisture.
– Smoothing & Hydrating

2. Garnier Skinactive

In all honesty, Garnier has never been a brand that I’ve been raving to try. It was only until I discovered sheet masking and happened to read up on under-budget sheet mask products and the Garnier Serum Mask popped up. Long story short I got it and fell in love. That made me curious to try out other products but still play it safe since the brands philosophy is based around the matte skin finish and I’m more on the glowy front. I got the cheaper products that are such an easy find and I honestly don’t feel like trying anything else because this gets the job done. Perfect oil control and the products are so gentle on the skin.

Why this product?
– Eucalyptus leaves skin fresh and purified
– Clay regulates the skin oil absorbing action
– Zinc purifies and helps tighten pores, leaving the skin looking clean
– Vanishing cream does not have white residue

3. IQ South African Dermatologist Developed

This is the default product I’m always telling people about. Also, another under-budget product so perfect! I was actually looking for my regular moisturizer and it was sold out and I just leaned towards getting something cheap yet safe and that I could just apply till the following day when I was going to get the actual day cream I use. Another long story short, I’ve never stopped using it. My skin loves it and I haven’t felt like I should stop. It gives the skin such a smooth, gentle look and feel and l like that.

Why this product?
– Anti-oxidants, vitamins and aloe
– Fast-absorbing and lightweight
– Provides soothing benefits to skin
– Skin is left smooth, soft, protected and shine free

4. Avène

Please don’t mind the soap bar packaging I’ve been swapping bags when traveling.

Getting these products felt like a dream come true just because I’ve had so many saved Pinterest images of the products so it felt unreal. Another reason why I knew I wouldn’t regret getting it was because I know how my skin appreciates salicylic acid. It’s an overall amazing brand and I’ll definitely be trying other products from the brand.

Why this product?
– Cleanses skin and purifies
– Salicylic acid which helps reduces impurities, spots and blocked pores
– Leaves skin clean, cleansed and refreshed
– Provides soothing and anti-irritating benefits

Below I’ve put additional products from these brands that you can try.


Do you have any new skincare discoveries that you’ve tried and you’re loving right now? Please drop a comment below and let’s share all things skin.