Couples Q&A – Part 1

Hey loves! So, I finally did another #bloggertag but this time I’m not riding solo. I featured my amazing partner and we did a couples Q & A and these are all the questions that were emailed to me. We will be doing a ‘part two’ but in the meantime here’s a part one. It’s a fun way to get to know us a part from our adventures (check out the Weekender Series). Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. Also, we just celebrated our anniversay and I thought what perfect way but to publish this post. Please do join us in answering questions sent by you guys. Enjoy!

Where did we first meet?

AA : We met at my previous work place.
JN :  We met at her work place.

What was the first impression?

AA : It was close to knock off time and all I thought was ‘can this customer decide what they want and leave’. I was pretty mean towards him.
JN : My first impression of her was that she’s obviously a gorgeous human being, but above and beyond that she was very mysterious and wasn’t very talkative and I thought to myself “Hmmm… she thinks she’s a tough nut to crack, but clearly she doesn’t know what I’m capable of.”

What was the first thing you noticed about me?

AA : I noticed how bold he is from the very first time we met. He carries such a strong character and that’s something I noticed even before knowing him the way I do now.
JN : I noticed her eyes. Not because of the shape, but because of the beauty that lies beneath them… it actually caught me off guard, lol.

Do we have a ‘tradition’?

AA : We share so much in common so it doesn’t even feel like ‘tradition’. Galleries are our thing, trying out different food and going for walks are just things we enjoy doing.
JN : Currently, I wouldn’t say we have a tradition, but we do have a few things that we always do, one of them being taking walks during sunset and conversing about a million different things.

What do we argue about the most?

AA : We always go back and forth over memories like, was that rabbit we saw not purple? We never really argue, we just disagree and correct each other.
JN : We never really argue, in moments where it could’ve turned into an argument, we talk it out and ensure that we express what we’re both feeling about the issue at hand and have a conversation until we establish mutual understanding. Of course, some conversations take days to reach that level of mutual understanding, but it’s the healthiest way we know how to handle situations to ensure that we don’t argue and build a toxic environment where we can’t freely express ourselves.

What are the important principles to ‘making it work’?

AA : Respect is so important to me. I think it beats everything else to be honest and that’s something J gives me for sure. I got respect from the very beginning even when we were not official till this day and that’s something I’m thankful for. Respect, honesty, trust, communication and showing appreciation. No relationship is easy but it depends on how much it means to you and I believe that a successful relationship won’t be easy at all. It’s about constant work and it becomes worth it because the efforts don’t go to waste. This mindset has seriously changed my relationship. I’ve really found giving with this mindset has made the process of ‘giving and receiving’ so much sweeter! This is not saying it let’s others off from giving. Giving and receiving is a part of a relationship but it’s the taking out the expectation from that exchange.
JN : The points I’m about to mention are what I practice and are by no means a must, but I believe they are beneficial when put into action: – Never get into a relationship if you’re not certain about someone or if you envision yourself with that person for the rest of your life (the vision is VERY important). – Talk… A LOT!!! You should talk to your partner about anything & everything. The beauty of this is that you get to explore your partner’s mind and expose yourself to how they think, their aspirations, growth opportunities, strengths & weaknesses etc. A huge benefit of talking is that it allows you both to identify in which aspect of your lives are you guys aligned, and where the misalignments are, and work on them accordingly.

Is there ever a good time to keep a secret in a relationship?

AA : If it’s not a surprise than no,there isn’t. You need to be 100% honest and real at all times because the truth will always creep out.
JN : NO!

What is one word that describes our relationship?

AA : FREE (I have so many words I could use but that’s best). I chose this word because we are both very much ourselves. The relationship doesn’t weigh heavy on me and I don’t feel like I need to pretend.
JN : Relationship…? What relationship? I’m still in the streets!! Jokes!! The one word that describes our relationship is ‘rejuvenating’.

Describe each other in three words

AA : Humble, Patient and Caring
JN : My. Side. Chick. Jokes… again!! I’d describe Aya as Loving, Present and Radiant.

What have we learned together that you would impart to other couples?

AA : That real, honest, authentic love does exist. If you can’t help but believe and feel like holding on, don’t let go because it will be worth it. And don’t easily give up. Good love is always worth fighting for.
JN : Never trade chemistry for curiosity.

What is your favourite part of your relationship?

AA : The time we get to spend together. I am always down to be with my man.
JN : As underwhelming as it may sound, but it’s sitting on the couch and talking or watching her work. She does everything with so much passion.

If you’re both into fashion what is your main consideration when buying : price, quality or style?

AA : We’re both are very much into fashion! I would say for me it’s looking at how it looks so, style. Thinking whether you need it or not and than moving onto price (is it worth it) and if it’s both a yes for style and price, my next check is quality.
JN : I’m the opposite to her. For me it starts with the style. If I don’t like how something looks/fits, I’m not taking it. Then I interrogate the quality of the item from the feel of the fabric, the buttons used and sometimes even the stitch. And then lastly, I will consider the price.

What is your definition of cheating?

AA : Being unfaithful! It doesn’t need more explaining. Being with someone but feeling lust or desire for another person. Taking things to the next level with another person like kissing, touching, getting intimate with and confiding in because those are all things you suppose to be giving and receiving from your partner.
JN : Seeking entertainment, comfort or a thrill from somebody else be it emotional or physical.

What is your favourite memory of us?

AA : Every time spent with him is a memory. I never take any day or moment for granted.
JN : Even though it’s going to sound corny, and I hate sounding corny, but it’s everyday I get to spend with her.

Describe the perfect date

AA : A romantic indoor setting, a good playlist, some good food and good wine.
JN : It would be me preparing an amazing meal for us (as always) while you set the table, then enjoy our food paired with either fruit juice/wine/cold drink having great conversations and ending with you in my arms as I run my hand on her body.

Keep an eye out for part two! Don’t miss it! And thanks to everyone who participated.