The Weekender Series – Content Creation, Skin Update & My Coffee Dilemma

In addition to blog more I’ve introduced a new series titled ‘The Weekender’. I’ll include visuals of what I wore, views, location and food. I’ll compile images from both the weekday and weekend. It’s a vlog but written, titled, the weekender.

New year, same series. Okay, so far 2021 still feels like 2020 so let’s just hope for the better moving forward, right? I wanted to share what I got up to after my very first ‘Weekender’ post. Keep scrolling for some good food, my skincare update, my new series, my anniversary celebration and my coffee issues.

January 10th,

DISCLAIMER: before continuing just know that I finally ate using chop sticks. Yes, I did (something I’ve always just brushed off I finally tried doing and gave it a go).

Today J and I celebrated our one year anniversary and we’re such lovers of good food so why not go out and eat, right. In celebration our first stop was at the FAB DINER restaurant and ah, I finally had waffles that I’ve been highkey craving for the longest time. And when I say this post includes lots of food, I mean literally. We immediately drove off to Hyde Park and went to the So Yum restaurant (Fun Fact: last year on this particular date, we sat inside this restaurant and our relationship took a go from here onwards). We had such a yummy Dim sum starter which was so mouth watering (it’s definitely a 10 in my books) and ordered our main dishes right after. I tried their celery juice which was probably the lightest green juice I’ve had but it was still good and refreshing. Okay, our last stop was my ultimate favourite (and yes you guessed it) Mr. George. I’ve shared about two separate reviews on this series with regards to this place and I’ve shared countless times how I love it. The food, vibes and just the space itself. I usually always have their calamari pasta but decided to try a different dish and so did J and we finished the night off with a yummy dessert.

FAB DINER (Linden)
Waffle w/ Mint Chocolate & Milk Tart Ice-cream
Waffle w/ Vegan Chocolate & Vanilla

SO YUM (Hydepark)
Starter: Dim Sum w/ Crab & Creamed Cheese
Drinks: Lemonade & Apple, Celery and Ginger
Mains: Prawn Maki Sushi + Ramen Soup w/ Duck

MR GEORGE (Melrose Arch)
Starter: Calamari
Drinks: Sparkling Water
Mains: Pasta Bake w/ Chicken & Lamb
Dessert: Churros w/ Vanilla Ice-cream & Caramel

January 15th,

Happy Friday! Currently typing this with a million mosquito bites all over my body, ah summer… Anyway, work still needed to be done and that I did indeed. I literally have a checklist of over 40+ written blog posts that just need content so yeah, you can imagine how I needed to get cracking with that and with all those posts I’ve also just decided to put together work for both February and March oh, and Autumn too. So, yes if it’s tons of work I’m giving myself it needs to get done. Also, how pretty are these… they’re from Zara and J surprised me with them. I can’t wait to style them they’re such a beautiful pair to own. Also, lunch was rather good. It’s a spot I’ve never tried before and it was also so last minute.

Mythos – Authentic Greek (Rosebank)
Mains: Salmon Salad w/ avo, feta, cherry tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers & honey dressing + Calamari w/ Mixed Vegetables

January 16th,

Okay, this is a sad moment for me because I don’t know what’s happening between my relationship with coffee. So, a few months ago I realized that I begun breaking out a lot and would need the toilet to release some good stuff. I started picking up that it has to be the coffee I’ve been having. If you’ve been following ‘The Haut Aesthetics’ since I founded the site you would know how much of a coffee addict I am so you can imagine. I googled and asked close individuals what the issue may be and actually realized that it’s the milk and it was clarified when J and I went to Starbucks around the new year weekend [ Read Here : The Weekender Series – Blog Anniversary & New Year Celebration] and I kept going to the loo that, that realization kicked in. Am I lactose intolerant?… I don’t know. I’m kinda stuck because I’ve been having less caffeine (unfortunately) and when I do have my now black coffee since I’m not sure of the milk I still run to the toilet like a crazy cow. So, what could it possibly be. Please let me know what you guys think the problem could be (highkey need a cup right now). It’s actually slowing my body down at times since I’ve gone from 4-5 cups a day to none. Highkey need therapy, jokes!. Please do comment below. Some food therapy though, my favourite cheeseburger from Turn ń Tender.

Turn ń Tender (Cresta)
Drinks: Passionfruit & Lemonade
Mains: Cheese Burger w/ Onion Rings & Fries + Pepper Burger w/ Onion Rings & Fries

My last Cappuccino from Starbucks

January 17th,

Happy Sunday! Today was more of a self-care thing. I got in touch with these nasty overdue nails (lol) because WOW! my nails needed to be renewed. I also did my hair and got back into gripping it into the traditional benny and betty style that I always lean towards. And skincare, of course. I wanted to share my skin update with you guys and also tell you guys more about my new series on the site titled ‘MUSE‘. So, let’s kickstart with my skin, I get asked so often what products I use and how I maintain my skin and hey, sometimes a blog post or two won’t cut it for some people ( I even had people email me asking me to do the MUSE feature) and honestly there’s no marks I’m missing. Everything I’ve shared is entirely it. There’s nothing left out. You guy’s can check out other skincare posts on the site and for more added tips, you can check out my skincare journey which I shared on a separate post [ Read Here: ]. Long story short I am still using the W-Beauty range from Woolworths which I also did a separate post on and did a review [ Read Here : ] and another hero product has been the Garnier Deep Cleanser which I also included in my recent skincare discoveries post, [ Read Here : New Skincare Discoveries ].

The second part of this particular post that I wanted to share was the introduction to my new series, ‘MUSE‘. Before I even share the why’s, thank you guys for the positive feedback. The series is doing absolutely great with over 3K views from just the first post. The idea for a guest takeover was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I just had this idea of wanting different individuals who share an authentic, new light on others to tell their skincare stories via an interview. These set of questions I compiled from the most asked questions I get from individuals who visit my site or just everyday people. I know that it will encourage others to really reconsider their skincare habits and get to learn about their skin in general. Having different guests feature with different skin types and just their skincare story will without a doubt inspire the next person to think about the skin their in. It’s honestly about encouraging people to be proud and create their own skincare story. Because where ever you in it, it’s literally a learning experience and should be an altogether fun one.

Ending the day with some home baked Cappuccino muffins.

Thank you guys once again for the positive feedback with regards to this series. Also, please let me know what you think about my coffee dilemma and what you would recommend I do.