Minimal Makeup Edit – Update & Products

Hi Loves! Okay, I’m just gonna jump straight into it because I know that I haven’t been putting out beauty content (excluding skincare) but actual make-up content, you know.

Since the pandemic began, I immediately locked my mindset into all things skincare just because I felt like I wasn’t giving my skin enough attention and wanted to broaden my knowledge of my skin and just create my own skincare story. Make-up was instantly thrown out the window (not literally) and I dedicated myself to my skin which I’m honestly glad I did because I’m in such a comfortable and great space with it. Now, makeup, makeup… I’m no professional or makeup expert but I do have my set go-to look which is probably the only makeup look you’ll see me in and when I got my makeup done for this post in particular it kinda reminded me of the techniques (which would probably be a no in an expert world) I used to grasp on when I was doing my makeup almost everyday.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, shade 332 (for reference)
Clarins Skin Illusion
Avon Powder Blush
Avon Brush

I still enjoy the minimal, effortless makeup look I can achieve when I do my makeup and it’s something I know I will probably change up once I feel that comfortable to do so. I still love the products I’ve always used and I still talk when doing my makeup as if I were recording a YouTube video (don’t judge). The Maybelline Fit Me is still my favourite under-budget foundation and I just love the overall coverage, how it complements my skin AND I love how buildable it is and for someone who loves a minimal look, a little goes a long way. I also still use the Clarins foundation as my bronzer-blush. I just love the dewyness and it’s so hydrating so I don’t always feel like I have a full face of makeup. Another under-budget product I use is the Avon powder. I use this just do dap areas where I don’t want any shine. Both my brows and highlighter are from the Clarins. P.s – they’re too tacky to show.

Let me know what makeup content you guys would love to see. Apart from me working on more beauty content I do want to know your thoughts.