The M U S E series presents individuals with compelling personalities in a new light. In this virtual interview series we get up close with their skincare journey featuring authentic shots through their own lens.

Keep scrolling and join me in unpacking all things skin with our #skincrush. Who knows, you probably share the same skin type and these tips may apply to you.

Meet Carol ‘MAGESH’ Mhlongo, Johannesburg based Fashion Designer and Freelance Model

HAUT : Describe what you do
MAGESH : I’m a Fashion Designer and Freelance Model

HAUT : What’s your skin type
MAGESH : Normal

HAUT : Tell us about your current skin care routine
MAGESH : Okay so I use Portia M facial products. In the morning I wash my face with just plain water or dove soap sometimes then I just tap it with a dry face cloth till it’s dry. Then I pour a bit of toner onto cotton wool, and dab it on my face, all over. I then apply serum and the marula tissue oil. Sometimes if I don’t use the tissue oil I use the day cream. At night I do use the same process but without serum and tissue oil, just toner and night cream. Bare in mind I use Portia M in the Marula range, which is suitable for all skin types.

HAUT : What’s one thing you wished you learned sooner with regards to skin (yours in particular)
MAGESH : I wish I knew about Portia M right from the beginning, it keeps my skin moist and smooth all day, I even use it before applying makeup (in moderate amount though lol) and it still keeps my face smooth.

HAUT : Your favourite skincare brand
MAGESH : Portia M, Portia M, Portia M ! Lol I just love it! It’s soap free and fragrance free. The best.

HAUT : What’s the last skin care product you finished and would you purchase it again?
MAGESH : Portia M, I just never run out

HAUT : Any skin care tricks or tips to share
MAGESH : When applying toner to your face, please make sure you use cotton wool to dab it, it works like magic that way. Also applying serum directly to facial spots everyday works like wonders.

HAUT : Skincare words of encouragement
MAGESH : Guys I always emphasize this, our skin is not the same, what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Get a product and if it works, stick with it. I had such bad rash on my face with black spots, I started using Portia M and I only saw results after 2-3 months. You just have to be patient and have faith in your product

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