The M U S E series presents individuals with compelling personalities in a new light. In this virtual interview series we get up close with their skincare journey featuring authentic shots through their own lens.

Keep scrolling and join me in unpacking all things skin with our #skincrush. Who knows, you probably share the same skin type and these tips may apply to you.

Meet Vanessa Chauke, Fashion Student, Content Creator & Entrepreneur

HAUT : Describe what you do
VANESSA : I’m fashion student, content creator and work in the retail industry.

HAUT : What’s your skin type
VANESSA : Dry Skin

HAUT : Tell us about your current skin care routine
VANESSA : First thing in the morning I use my Gentle Magic face mask for 3-4 minutes then rinse my face with plain water. Secondly I use my Portia M face wash to wash off what is left from the mask and rinse my face thoroughly then wipe it off using lukewarm face cloth, then I use my Portia M toner using a damp cotton wool to exfoliate and user gentle magic serum to moisturize my face. Lastly I mix my Portia M oil and Night cream for all types skin for that good skin glow

HAUT : What’s one thing you wished you learned sooner with regards to skin (yours in particular)
VANESSA :  That it is important to read the ingredient list don’t just buy because it’s important to know what matches your skin type, we tend to neglect that part when buying skin products

HAUT : Your favourite skincare brand
VANESSA : Definitely Portia M and Gentle Magic. I know it’s a lot of products but I found what works for and my skin has never looked this good in ages my skin stay glowing all day trust me.

HAUT : What’s the last skin care product you finished and would you purchase it again?
VANESSA : Portia M and Gentle Magic for sure.

HAUT : Any skin care tricks or tips to share
VANESSA : Drink a lot of water, be consistent with your routine and moisturize day in and out!

HAUT : Skincare words of encouragement
VANESSA : Take your time finding the perfect product and like I said before READ the ingredients list and hydrate babe then uzoba right.

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