Reflecting & Recharging

It’s time to get back to business and by ‘business’ I mean self-care. In a nutshell, it’s the things we do to protect, maintain and improve our health and well-being.

Hi loves! So, just adding onto the intro I will be sharing my personal take on solo time and just what I get up to. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I want to just be away from everyone and everything. I enjoy spending time with myself and I don’t know if it’s all because I am an introvert BUT I just enjoy it! I usually get into my personal self-care on Fridays where I dedicate the day to my physical and mental being. I get into things like my nails, hair, skin and spend most of the day focusing more in depth with my meditation. It’s just keeping an overall sane, you know.

Keep scrolling and check out the things I do on my self-care Fridays that carry me through the next days ahead.

1. Hair

Most days I’m too busy creating content and working on other projects so I literally set aside Friday to just refresh my hair and let it breath more than anything. I really enjoy spending time with my hair because it’s not something I’ve always been dedicated to, so knowing that I actually scheduled a day for it allows me to really get in tune with it.

2. Nails

Another thing I get into is getting my nails done. Kinda like a manicure and pedicure but in the comfort of my own space. I like to also take advantage of trying out new nail polish colours if I do want to swap and play with different tones from the previous week.

3. Skincare

Save the best for last! You guys know how much I’m all about my skincare and on this self-care day I get to really get in touch with it a little more by adding a mask. While doing my nails I’ll pop on a sheet mask that will refresh and add hydration to my skin for the busy days ahead. For this post I used the Garnier sheet mask.

Garnier Tissue Mask Pure Charcoal
Purifying and hydrating pores visible reduced w/ seaweed, natural charcoal, hyaluronic acid & LHA

Benefits : calm, relaxed and generally less stressed. Get to know yourself better. Build self-esteem and feel more confident by taking the time to take care of you are acknowledging to yourself and others that you are important.

Think about : what makes you feel relaxed, happy, excited and recharged.

Practise it : go for a walk, do some gardening, light a candle, help someone in need, read, repeat positive affirmations, put your phone away, paint, draw, create a vision board for the future, try a new craft, drink water, rest, sleep, have a dance break, bake a cake , give yourself a home spa treatment

Below I put meditating apps I recently discovered and researched all about. I appreciate meditation because it gets me through a lot. So, if you’re the meditating kind check it out:

1. Aura

An excellent choice for busy people who want any app they can pick up as needed when they have a moment. This simple app will get you meditating with just three minutes a day. Recommendations are personalized based on your current mood or experiences and curates themed playlists for you that’s almost Spotify esque.

2. Healthy Minds Program

This app includes meditations, exercises and podcast style lessons designed to build foundational mindfulness skills. You’ll have the opportunity to learn how and why meditation works, which might be compelling for skeptics and enthusiasts alike.

3. My Life Meditation

This app helps you create your own quiet place away from the world with guided, emotion-based meditations. With over 400 mindfulness activities (yoga poses and sleep tracking in addition to meditation)

4. Shine

Was founded by a black woman and half-Japanese woman who felt left out of traditional wellness practices. You get access to Daily Shine meditations that pair with a motivation message, meditations for the morning, afternoon, evening and more. Also, self-care features.

5. Expectful

An addition is the expectful app for any individuals on my site who may relate. This unique meditation app is designed specifically for pregnant people, parents and people trying to conceive or dealing with fertility issues. Sleep tracker and sleep tools like stories and soundscapes. If you can’t get enough, they have a Podcast too.

Let’s remember to not forget that self-care is not selfish, indulgent or vain. It also doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated and time-consuming.

Let’s chat! What’s your favourite thing to do when you get in touch with your self-care routine?