The secret to pretty hands

Let’s incorporate and consider these easy day-to-day tips to taking care of your hands. Keep scrolling to check out these very handy (excuse the pun) and pretty looking nails. To team soft palms and not the kind to feel like sandpaper, these are all my personal self-care thing to do for my hands and my nails included.

Rule 1, ease up on the hot water. This dries out your skin and causes your nail polish to lift rather opt for lukewarm / cool water.

Rule 2, have as much hand creams or lotions as you can. Have as many as you can, one in your bag, your draw next to your bedside, in your car, EVERYWHERE! That way, you remember to reapply when needed. Moisturizing will soothe skin now and age later.

Tip: let’s not forget to also sanitize your hands as much as you moisturize, safety first.

Rule 3, just like your face, applying SPF religiously on your hands is just as important. Your best line of defense is to keep a tube of sunscreen in your purse and use it like you would as your hand cream – obsessively.

Tip: invest in a product that is a hand lotion with SPF that why that way you don’t forget to apply either one.

Below are some basic tricks I always lean towards:

  • Exfoliating your face? Use the rest to scrub away dead skin around your cuticles and the back of your hands. Every little bit helps. I personally love this tip because the backs of your hands is very thin and therefore shows signs of aging first (pronounced veins and dark spots)
  • Massage oil (olive, coconut or even invest in an actual cuticle oil) into the base of each nail. Don’t overdo it though, because as you age your skin starts to lose moisture.
  • Trim once a week, file, shape and buff. A little pro maintenance goes a long way.
  • Another great way to complete the look to pretty hands is going for a manicure. Check out some nail art ideas you can try out.


These are just inspirational images I keep on file from social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook ,Who What Wear, NET-A-PORTER and from the brands site as referenced. I do not own any of these images.

Let’s chat! What’s a great tip you highly recommend for taking care of your hands and nails irregardless of the season.

Also, let me know below what nail art design is your favourite.