Content Creation & Societal Beauty Standards

I am in a ‘I need to reset’ space. Why do I feel like it’s not the right thing to do… well, because society wants me to think. Not think, believe. I honestly LOVE creating content and thankfully I got my blog that allows me to take that desire of playing around with content creation. Once the new year began I just got into a space of reevaluating a lot of things especially content. I instantly felt the urge to take a break from my blog, social media and literally everything else I do on a daily. Can I run the show this time? A break is really needed but I don’t know how to go about it. And even in that it’s about trying to also sneak in work but not put in too much work but that’s not resetting now is it? The plan from here is figuring out if I can entirely just be closed off from everything for just a bit and I’ll kick back into it once I’ve also gained more creativity. Speaking about creativity, creatives can stand by what I’m saying, there’s always seasons of switch off where even doing a simple flatlay is so tricky, just because at the back of my mind I know that if I was in a more creative space I could nail a Pinterest-like flatlay or display.

In that it’s literally fighting how society has also set these standards and just how social media has also contributed to unnecessary expectations. Content creating and fighting what’s online and not comparing my brand to what’s out there. I am growing in the comfort zone of my natural look and if you’re having Kim Kardashian West on your timeline it’s a constant battle BUT in that I have the likes of Alicia Keys and other black bloggers who remind me of who I am and how I’m on the right track and should stand firm in what I believe is right. I know that once I’ve decided how to detox from social platforms I should also keep in mind how what I’ve built so far needs to continue. The Benny and Betty stylish, minimal girl in photographs.

So, in fighting my battle of figuring out how to reset let’s not forget to remember who we are in the seasons of creative drought. I am the founder of The Haut Aesthetics for goodness sake!

Don’t let society decide who you are. Stand by what you believe and stand stronger in your vision.